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Hillbilly Sangria

Hillbilly Sangria 750ML

Sweet Strawberry raspberry wine
Berry Red

Berry Red 750ML

Sweet red wine that offers blueberry and raspberry aromatics. Crisp but warm, with a sweet, bright finish.
Riesling Semi

Riesling Semi 750 ML

Aromatics bursting with citrus, stone-fruit and florals, this semi sweet riesling boasts heavy floral notes and a bright ...
Creekside Red

Creekside Red 750ML

Sweet pomegranate wine with a slightly tart finish

Diamond 750ML

Sweet white grape wine with a slightly tart finish
Creekside White

Creekside White 750ML

Lightly spiced white cranberry aromatics with hints of peach. Warm notes, yet light and crisp with a buttery finish.
Fireside Red

Fireside Red 750ML

Blend of sweet red wines with a hint of cinnamon

Gewurztraminer 750ML

Off-dry white wine with mineral notes
Harvest White

Harvest White 750ML

A bright fresh peach Chablis wine with a slightly tart finish

Blush 750ML

Intense, deep grape aromatics. Concord, Niagara, and Isabella blended wines.

Niagara 750ML

Intense vineyard grape aromatics introduce this sweet, nutty white grape wine.

Concord 750ML

Sweet, red wine with Welch's Grape Juice nostalgia
Harvest Red

Harvest Red 750ML

Semi-sweet blend of red wines, with warm notes and spicy finish

Catawba 750ML

Made from Catawba grapes, this sweet wine provides floral and fruity aromatics, followed by a tartness, and finished wit ...
Cherry Cabernet

Cherry Cabernet 750ML

This unique blend of Cabernet and cherries offers lovely aromatics, heavy oak, and a bright, crisp, tart finish. Best se ...
Blackberry Bliss

Blackberry 750ML

An intensely sweet red wine with deep, intense blackberry flavor.
Raspberry Bliss

Raspberry Bliss 750ML

Currently our sweetest rose, this wine boasts fresh raspberries with a slightly tart finish
Reserve White

Reserve White 375ML

Super sweet Riesling dessert wine (Ice Wine)
Creekside Rosé

Creekside Rosé 750ML

Notes of strawberry, watermelon, and tart finish of green apple.
Wild Cat

Wild Cat 750ML

Sweet white grape wine with wild black raspberry
Chloe's Choice

Chloe’s Choice 750ML

Named after our Goat, Chloe, this sweet white wine has honeysuckle aromatics; notes of sweet green apple, honey, an vani ...